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Report - Northdene House(Revisit), London, Jan 2021


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We explored Northdene a while ago as we put it on our 1st post for our visit there on here but decided to go back not long ago to grab some more decent pics with our new DSLR camera we brought and the pictures speak for itself how better the quality is, cant say no more on that :D Our explore was pretty much the same as the 1st visit, but only thing that changed really was the access was bit different as it seems like some people went and explored the house after us. There was bike locks on the gates as these werent there the 1st visit, but other than that we managed to get in to the house no problem :D The pigeons behaved themselves this time round and we didn't get bombarded as we worked around them quietly and effortlessly, so we didn't get wings flapping our face lol. We did find a few new things there that we didn't see on our 1st visit. It seems like there was a dog on the property when the residents lived there as a dog lead was fount on the steps in one of the flats and there was writing on the walls in the basement, which from the picture, was very amazing to photograph and to be fair we didnt see that on our 1st visit. We did photograph 1 or 2 copper metal name badges on the doors of the flats, which were screwed in and were in pretty caligraphy writing and it was also on the electrical boxes in the basement. We're guessing that maybe the landlord lived on property and it helped him/her for who lived in which flat or it helped the residents who lived there, know which rooms were whose. We photographed the Victorian bath which was in one of the bathrooms, it was a weird but amazing structure of a bath as you can see in the picture and something we will probably never see again but im so glad we took a picture of it for memories incase the house does never sit there again. We did try our best to capture a front and back view of the house this time, John captured these on his phone as our battery pack for our camera died so i did edit them best i could and brighten them as best for you all (so excuse the quality of them pictures). We're not sure if we may come back for a 3rd visit, but that maybe something we may do further into the year, that is if the house is still standing, what with vandals hanging around more often now, so fingers crossed we can do another visit on this beautiful property:thumb

-The whole history of Northdene House is on our 1st post, if you want to check it out in depth more, its on there:D-

(Quick note, let us know if the pics are much better this time as we appreciate all your advice and comments that you all give us. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoy the pictures we took below of our exploration and we tried to not repeat our pictures from our 1st visit)
See ya later!!
Holly & John :D





























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Agreed that's much better.
If u can get back in daylight they will b even better
Yea lol our 1st visit was night then this visit was planned for a daytime visit but then time grabbed hold of us and started getting dark before we knew it plus were getting used to camera as it was being a butt too... technology :confused:

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More bird muck than last time.
Damn pigeons.


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Daytime visits are preferable, especially with places like this, but you've covered the building pretty extensively so I'll give you that.


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Nice varied set of photographs some more photogenic than others in my opinion.

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