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Report - Northdene, London. January 2021


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So trying to stay local because of Covid restrictions this place is half an hour from me and within my tier.

Thinking New Year’s Day would be a nice quiet day to go out this was a Bit of a mission to get into the grounds of because of how popular the road was with people out for a new year’s walk. Access was easy it was just the waiting for a quiet moment to nip into the bushes.

Went with my daughter.

This place is huge, it is set over 3 floors plus a basement and consists of what were self contained flats. A couple of the bathrooms were stunning, one has a canopy bath which is something I’ve not seen before other than in a pic from someone else’s visit. The top floor is really grim, covered in shit and guarded by some angry dive bombing pigeons. Thankfully I knew there was a mannequin there somewhere so I didn’t get a fright seeing a pair of legs and a torso on the floor. The house was littered with clothes and had some furniture and a pool table left behind.

i was going to go down into the basement but I noticed that the spiders hanging around the door and stairs were all covered in some weird white substance and it freaked me out. I later discovered that these are referred to as Zombie spiders and they’re basically covered in a fungus that takes over their bodies.

we had a lovely undisturbed explore and spent an hour and half in there.

The history i could find all comes from various planning applications and I’m surprised there was nothing else I could find out about it. There’s a couple of badger sets in the grounds, I’m glad we didn’t encounter any angry badgers, the pigeons were enough.


this is a substantial and particularly fine Victorian era villa

Not a great deal of the history I like to find, all the info I have got comes from various planning applications. The property was first in use in 1934 and that Flat 2 had been occupied in constant use since 1950s. Wether before then it was just one dwelling is not clear, currently it is clearly split into different flats.

A local resident stated he had been into house once about 21 years ago and once about 4/5 years ago after a burglary. The property was the same layout both times and he believed that it was originally 6 flats but cannot confirm this - the property was definitely partitioned off on the ground floor with a flat either side and a long corridor from the front door to the rear staircase; believe each floor was converted into a flat either side.

Northdene has been unoccupied and effectively abandoned for the past decade or more, and therefore has not been used, or 'operated', in this way in the past 4 years, continuously or at all. it is understood a few years ago the property was raided by thieves without raising alarm; this would have been impossible had the house been occupied, particularly as 5 self-contained flats.

Other information states Northdene does not seem to have been used as self-contained flats since 1981 or thereabouts - 1970s electoral register records various voters in up to 5 separately identified flats; none are recorded between 1982 and 1987 or after 2002. Latter entries listings are simply against North Dene and not listed as individual separate flats.

However, the copious amounts of clothing left behind in the rooms didn’t indicate fashion from the 1980s and looked more from the mid 90s.

Various planning applications have been refused over time, one of those were changing to a 21 x 2 bedroom flat 3 storey building after complete demolition of the current building.

The most recent application is “Erection of a three-storey side extension to existing building to create 2no. two-bedroom units and 1no. one-bedroom unit, internal refurbishment works to the existing building, and the erection of 3no. dwellings with associated works” which has also been refused.