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Northern Radar, RAF Lindholme - June 2014

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Recently while travelling between Hatfield Woodhouse and Blaxton, I spotted a striking building to the west of the A614.


Set behind two rows of differing style fencing, I was intrigued and later discovered this was called Northern Radar, part of RAF Lindholme, a Joint Air Traffic Control Radar Unit (JATCRU), so decided a closer inspection was justified.

According to the South Yorkshire Historic Environmental Characterisation website,

A late addition to the RAF station at Lindholme is the cold war period Lindholme Tactical Control Centre, one of two surviving complexes of its kind in the UK from an original four (SMR ref: 4582). The buildings, which include the base of a Type 82 Radar Unit and the Tactical Control Centre itself, served as part of the Cold War Bloodhound Missile System, a network of control centres controlling 11 missile sites, mostly protecting the bases for the British V-Force air-launched nuclear deterrent - operational until the introduction of the submarine-launched Polaris system. The Monument Protection Programme considered this site to be of “National Importance” and recommended it be put forward for listing (Cocroft 2001).
Wikipedia states Northern Radar's role was
as an ATCRU providing radar services to civil and military aircraft in the lower, middle and upper airspace within its designated area of operations.
Here is a photo from 1968 of the "operations room" - presumably the Tactical Control Centre.

And this is a diagram I found of how the radar building would have looked fully equipped:


In 1985 RAF Lindholme was sold and became HMP Lindholme. The main part of the prison is to the east of the main road - this area is on the other side. According to Wikipedia,

The last RAF connection, an automatic routing installation, which opened on 25 May 1983 and was run by 840 Signals Unit was closed in March 1996. It occupied the old Northern Radar building ground floor, refurbished to accommodate the Telegraphic Automatic Routing Equipment (TARE) and a manual telegraphic switching centre and was parented by RAF Finningley. The TARE was a dual suite Ferranti Argus 500 computer system, each suite having a 64k word core store and two 2Mbyte hard drives and running software written using Coral 66.
Both buildings seem to be in good structural condition, and are very well sealed. The lawn is being mown and at time of visit a scrapheap had been built - looked like a bonfire pile on one of the the circular hardstandings.

This radar building is known as a "Type 82 / Orange Yeoman".






This is the control centre





Over and out for now.
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Been keeping an eye on this for a while - there's obviously still some activity on site but can't work what they are doing.

As the_c says it was well sealed last time I had a look.


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Sorry to see the site like this. I was posted there straight from Air Traffic trade training in 1966, and stayed there until 1970. We were billeted at Lindholme, but always felt a bit apart, as Lindholme at the time flew Hastings and Varsities, had No 1 Gp Bomber Cmd bombing school, and was therefore Bomber Command, but for some reason Northern Radar was Fighter Command. Also, of course, the radar site was a good half mile away from the admin site.

I was very interested, as I could well be in it, in the 1968 photograph of the Ops room, the bank of consoles to the left of the picture, including the double screen, was the Civilian section, controlling airways traffic, the lower banks were RAF. The screens to the right of the very bottom row controlled climb outs and let downs of the Lightnings at RAF Binbrook.

When the huge area of green carpet in front of the display board was replaced, I was able to cadge some of it, to replace the worn carpet in my green Frog-eye Sprite..............

Ah, happy days 50 years ago!