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Report - Northfield Manor September 2015


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Went for a quick scout round this morning - still new to this game and really wish i d seen it before the fire. Security since the fire seems to have been increased somewhat, large hoardings all round the main building, and cameras at every angle, we did find a way in through a broken hoarding but more fences inside and all doors/windows either bricked up or tightly secured with boards well screwed in - a lack of graffiti/usual rubbish suggests nobody has managed to get in anywhere...as yet.........same goes for the associated building in the grounds all closed tight with no obvious entry points. Will try and get back again with a bit more preparation next time (and hopefully will leave without the addition of an abandoned kitten found amongst the rubble like we did today!!)



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Seems a bit late locking the place up now.

I cant understand why they don't knock that 30's halls of residence down while they're at it... hardly a stunning building.

Birmingham uni should have been hung out to dry for what happened to that place.


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If you can edit the title to just month/year and then add some History of the Building & sort the image links out so it posts proper sized pics rather than little fingernails :thumb