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Report - northington booster pumping station hampshire may 018

johnny gomez

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This pumping station is near the small village of Northington in Hampshire it was built as a pressure booster for the strategic oil pipeline constructed in World War 2 between the village of Hamble in Hampshire and Aldermaston in Berkshire.
The main building is separated into two parts, one housing the electric motor with a drive shaft connecting to the pump in the adjoining plant room. Very little remains of the pump or its motor save for some foundation plates and pump bearing housings, there is a second building which was an electrical bunker complete with blast walls. the other 2 buildings have sadly gone.
The pipeline is still in use today between Hamble (Fawley oil refinery) and Aldermaston but without the need for a booster pump. It is said that following the D DAY invasion this pipeline was used to supply some of the fuel/oil pumped across the channel in the famous 'PLUTO' Pipe Line Under The Ocean.

the highways dept are using the place to store road chippings while doing local road repairs. took 3 visits before no-one was there ...luckily very local as we walk the dogs in near by woods

electric building

couldn't get close to this little block on the end (too overgrown) so guessing toilets ??

fly tippers nearly filled half the pump building



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I really like that, very unusual and with some very unusual provenance.


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I was out exploring this morning and decided to go back and see how this site may have changed since last I visited it. One of the buildings has now been demolished and some general clearance has taken place. New tall metal fencing has been constructed around the perimeter of the site now. I wonder if there is a development plan underway?


I call bullshit!
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I wonder if there is a development plan underway?
I don't think so. The only granted planning application for the site is -

1976 Use of disused oil pumping station as a store for surface dressing chippings for road maintenance
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