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General - Northwich crack house - June 2015


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This is 'northwich crack house' it is made up of two mock tudor buildings built in the 1980's. The past use of the buildings is unclear but I suspect it to be probably just offices.

The inside of the buildings is really nothing special, it is an absolute tip and needles lay everywhere so you have to watch your step. Visited with @Billy Cole and a non member. Access was a squeeze! Not really a lot to see in here but thought I might aswell post it anyway. Sorry for shite photos only used my phone and it was dark inside. Once again lack of history, sorry.
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'The smack & crack hotel' this made me giggle
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ground floor
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Front room
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2015-07-25 12.33.14.jpg


1st floor room
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Mouldy rooms
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Fire damage on the top floor
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Some of the things we found outside
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