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Lead or Rumour info - Norwich Sewer Construction Videos


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I have at various times in the past spent 'a few hours' looking for decent sewers in Norwich but ive never really had the time to put enough serious work into it to find them.

Heres a set of 3 videos showing some of them under construction. they are about 2 hours long in total and theres no sound but they are worth watching as it gives away alot of location info. (and theres quite a bit in the descriptions too)

Also probably an interesting watch for anyone whos into sewers i should think! Was surprised to see them lining the tunnels in concrete segments then lining the concrete with brick afterwards.

Got to be something good under the city that's explorable!





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Def going to be looking into this, seen a snap shop of what i thought I had seen in 1 part of norwich and i know this will def be worth checking out