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Not the best at intros ...


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Hello everyone,
New member here. I am 28 and live in Stoke on trent, Staffordshire, and currently have some spare time in my life to take up this new fascinating hobby! Don't have a great deal to say about myself, I'm a master's psychology student and drawn to the beauty of abandoned buildings, dystopian art, and generally music and culture which triggers emotion and curiosity. Been interested in doing in this for a while now and open to travelling further afield to places like Manchester, Nottingham, derby etc.
Please feel free to reply/message me, would be nice to have a chat. I am looking for fellow people to explore with if you're ok to excuse my noobness. Anyway thanks for reading
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Welcome in. Don't bother taking your boots off, you wipe them on the way out around here.

Tap some local places into the search bar, see if anything takes your fancy :thumb