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Report - Nottingham Guildhall, Fire & Police Station - April 2022


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Completed in 1888, The Nottingham Guildhall served as a courthouse, and later fire and police station until 1996. During the second world war

this building was also retrofitted to be a air raid shelter and an emergency headquarters. It finally saw use as an office space by the Nottingham City Council before moving. Since 2010 the Guildhall sat unused / abandoned with plans to convert it into a Hotel. A lot of job hopping for one building!

Sat next to this building is Nottingham Trent University in which I have attended. Until now I have never paid much attention to the building until I stumbled upon reports of it. The building is largely fenced off with mobile CCTV towers, and occasionally the cars parked within. So bear that in mind should you wish to visit.

Quite mesmerised at how much there is considering I used to walk past this every day!


If you were to enter in the front doors, you'd be greeted by a large are with lush pillars and a panel with all of the Nottingham Mayors going back to 1835



Long staircase on both sides of the main hall



The stairwell on both sides of the main hall lead to this nicely decorated room, with a door that allows you to enter the elevated sitting area in the courtrooms.


(Do they even say that? Please excuse my complete lack of how the courtroom works)


The aforementioned elevated sitting area


Awaiting trial


Looking around the rest of the Guildhall section we find primarily empty offices with very tall ceilings and menacing doors.


Some very old HP LaserJet Pros and miscellaneous hardware


Three phase power


More printing hardware


The attic that lead to multiple exits, allowing you to see the outside and rest of the city


And finally here is a view of the roof from one of the standing areas


Human Resources

We move on to the other part of the buildings, there are two skybridges, one connecting the Guildhall to what seems like a standard office, and one to the police/fire station

These were standard mundane offices, only highlights are that we found a bunch of 3.5" Floppy disks scattered around on the floor


Police Station Hallway


A few of these large and extremely echoey stair cases join the fire station together.


After being spooked by loud beeps emitting from somewhere in the building we made our way to the basement and found a room filled with racks of probably telephony hardware? Reminds of big iron switches like a Cisco 6500 or Nexus 7k


Rec time!


More holding cells

Unfortunately I could not get more pictures as It was getting dark nor could I find the WW2 shelters. Overall it was quite a fun and we ended up spending a lot more time here than we had anticipated. Finally mustered some courage to post here after lurking for a long time, not a photography expert but I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did exploring it!​



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Nice first report and a nice grand place to open your account. Keep up the good work.

Bikin Glynn

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Good work its getting a bit of traffic now but not surprised how open it is. I am surprised they havent sealed it up a bit better