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Report - NPC, Manchester - January 2015


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Sooo thought i'd go to a high place this time, got the rollercoaster done but wasn't quite high enough, I mean this isn't high either but need to scout for a crane :)


Been past this place quite alot, noticed the reports on here for this place a long time ago but never felt like driving into the streets of manchester as I quite hate them, horrible one ways n all dat useless pay for parking stuff. other than that I wanted to see some of nice shots I could get of the city, which turned out to be pretty good! Should be a crane next definitely, reckon the views from up one of them would be beautiful!

Phone camera is back, wasn't prepared for this one :(


Pretty easy one apart from abit of climbing, as I haven't climbed in quite awhile or used my arms I still cant feel them and its been a few days since, was a pretty good little explore nothing quite much to see here just some nice views! I dont have much else to say about this place because its quite a basic one...


I dont have a clue what was built on this part of land before it became there, I just know that its a car park, I mean if you want more details then have a look.. I have no idea what to search to find this place on google!






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not a car park, its half built apartments before the developers went under ;) (River Place I think it was to be called)
Ahhh, how come theres a parking pay box outside? unless theyre turning it into that...
Think NPC bought it yanno!


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must be long gone :( looking for one of them, was gonna go for arches but need some money to get the stuff!


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The council took the crane down years ago.


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I'm pretty sure part of the music video for "Deadmau5 feat. Kaskade - I Remember" was shot here?