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Report - Nuns Mill Power Station

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What would have been a fine brick built power station situated on the river on the outskirts of Northampton. The turbine hall has been demolished, or at least one of the walls has, leaving a bizarre ruin of a building propped up with iron struts! The turbine hal would have been similar to the winding house at Penalta Colliery, with brick arches and ornate tiling. I cannot understand why they have half heartedly demolished it? The workshops for the station still stand, but are pretty empty. What I'm assuming is the control room is still standing too, but is still used and is covered with CCTV and speakers linked to a control room (They do work!!). Still really interesting for pics, and for a change some of the graffiti is really top notch

Why is there little to no info on the net about this place??!


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Re: Nuns Mill Power Station REPORT

Unfortunately this isn't the mysterious "Factory O Doom", we checked that out first and it's a bit of an enigma. The front is well and truly in use or at least only just closed, the first part of the back is closed and has some broken windows but also CCTV although it looks big and maybe interesting.

The bigger bit at the back is pretty tight but doable, but there was nothing inside but a huge generator. Still could be worth a look if the whole loc closes and the CCTV goes. It was a supplier to Rover.

It's at Roade, just SW of Northampton.

And Northants people, I can't believe no-one has done Nuns Mill before, it is 200m from the town centre with a footpath down the side of it. Anyone remotely into graffiti will love the place, there's loads of shit buildings with proper art graffiti, they were there doing it while we were there.