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Report - Nutt Lane Farm, Simister, Prestwich- June 2015

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Ok been sat on this a little bit. This is more about the places history etc. The reason being i went here when the demo vans went to catch it before its gone.

History: So the history for this i spoke to locals in the area to find out what happened. And the sad truth is that the lady living there died when the farm caught fire she was rushed to hospital where she sadly passed away. The farm is the oldest one there at 300 years old and is now going to be demolished to be turned into an estate. This again is sad news. I checked online to confirm this and after a little searching i found the newspaper about the lady This was the article

Tragedy of farm fire woman, 78

A 78-year-old woman has died after a fire at a farm in Simister.

Police from Bury were called at 12.15pm on Friday after reports of a fire. They found one person trapped inside.

The pensioner was rescued and taken to North Manchester General Hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and serious burns.

The woman was treated overnight but died at 7.50am on Saturday.

There are not believed to be any suspicious circumstances

While i was there they had already started to take sections down and lined up for rest of it. So in memory of the farms history and the lady who sadly passed away sorry i don't know the lady's name. I put these pictures what may be the last from here has its being taken down.

The explore: What can i say this had to be the saddest place to go to. For the first time i looked even more into the history of the place and boy it did feel very emotional especially when i reached the stairs to the bedrooms and saw the fire damage and smoke. My god it was a very hard place to picture from her cloths still in the wardrobe to probably her grand children's rooms with a conflict of football fans one man city one bolton. There where programs from matches everywhere. There also was a doll thing that creep-ed me out. Then i realized it had been in the fire so i picked it up and took a better shot of it. There where books etc it was her life right here. Then the one that hit me hardest the record player with the last record she played in. Man this place hit me hard. I hope you like the pictures all taken from new camera and a really good torch cause it was really dark here. Hope they do this place and the family proud. Many thanks for looking.
























I hope you all like the pics of this lovely place with a sad history. Thanks for looking

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Thanks m8ty was a tough one this. Just glad i did it before it was demolished.

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Thanks all realy nice replies. And yes I'm glad it's got the response I wanted sad but remembered. It was a beautiful place with stables etc etc. Didn't put stable pics up has they where quite bare and was ready for demolition. However did find this picture of stable and a early outside picture from net. The stable is one of mine I missed
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Yep remember them phones also lol. Remarkable how it stayed in place with everything that went on there. It's the little things that I love about this place. And I have done some great places. But this will allways be special

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Thx km_punk m8ty. Bet it was a beautiful place in its prime. Hell it was beautiful now. It had a lot of charm. Imagine the tales it held. wow does make you think.

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Yea bolts thought it was a cracking pic to end on. Thx m8ty. New camera and little experience makes pics so much nicer. My cam was definitely a good investment.


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Well you"ve covered it well & pics have deffo" improved :thumb

Now if only it had a Red dress in the wardrobe, it could have been a Tourist hotspot.

I think a multi positional Tripod would maybe have helped with regard to the angles of some of the shots & the composition, which always improves the viewing experience.


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Doing some research into this story as it really grabbed my heart strings.

I believe the lady's name was Doreen Don. She is listed on companies house as the director of a company registered at this address until her "resignation" on 26 Feb 2005. Ironically, the company's business appears to be property development! The London Gazette's wills & probate section also lists the estate in her name around February 2005. She was born in June 1927.

There is also a Leslie Isadore Don listed as a director of the same company at the same address until May 1994, so I can only assume he was her husband who pre-deceased her by almost 11 years. Born August 1924.

There is a current director of the same company listed who I can only assume is their son, but as he is obviously still living I don't want to name him (although the information is in the public domain).

Tragic accident - Rest in peace Doreen.
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