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Report - Nuttall's sweet factory, Doncaster - May 2014

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These Doncaster units, called Athron Industrial Estate in recent years, have been closed and gated for some time now - perhaps over a year.


The Holmes area of Wheatley was and still is a major junction - Broxholme Lane, Beckett Road, Wheatley Lane, Queens Road, Kings Road and Dockin Hill Road all come together here. Nowadays the Church Way dual carriageway passes alongside, and a new road and junction are being built on the other side - this will lead to the new Waterfront development.

There are many references to 'Holmes Market', for which I can't find any details, but a quick search online reveals there were joiners and stonemasons based in this quarter in the 1860s. There is a parade of shops on the front, the largest formerly a motor shop, now a mini supermarket.

This industrial yard is where businessman and philanthropist William Nuttall's sweet factory was based and gave the world the Liquorice Lump and Mintoes:


Yes, the minty, sticky chew is from this very site. In recent times the estate housed car repair shops, a pickle factory, carpet and furniture warehouses and a dance studio and gym. There are several large factory rooms and the hoist arms and bridges (one broken) which may fit in with mass manufacture of food stuff.

Now the place rots, and according to local press reports, was damaged by fires in July 2013 and January 2014. A word of caution - there is evidence of dwelling here and one of the small garages may be being used for drug taking. Also there are signs warning of asbestos - a visit is not recommended.

Rear, from Queens Road

In the yard



Fire damage was suffered in July 2013 and January 2014


Some parts are in complete darkness so sorry for the quality

The basement was last used as a music rehearsal space - some equipment remains

The other building most recently housed car workshops and a dance studio/gym


The upper floor is severely fire damaged

Thanks for reading!


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nice report, remember to take a torch next time :p:


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Never bothered even looking at this as it was trashed 30 years when mates' band practiced there, so good to see someone else has gone to the trouble.


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I used to reherse in those basements too.:freak Was proper damp, everything went mouldy if left there for any length of time.:eek: Very dodgy electrics too.:crazy Still the rent was only 5 quid a week.:thumb