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Report - NVA-Hotel in the forest of Thuringia (Germany)


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here is another report from germany :)

In July of this year, we visited the lost NVA-Hotel (Nationale Volksarmee/ National folks-army of the DDR), which is located in the centre of the forest of Thuringia (Thüringer Wald).


The hotel was built in the 1970th with a typical buildingstyle of this time. The hotel was only for people, who are a ideal member of the socialistic party (called SED) of the DDR. In the late 70th and during the 80th it was one of the best hotels in the DDR. And all rooms was mostly reserved. Summer and winter ... go hiking, skiing and relaxing :) Also some DDR-sport-squads spend there training-camp in this hotel. So it was an important place during the late years of the DDR. After the Fall of Wall (1990) it was empty. One business man tried to built up the hotel, but it was too huge. Also it was some years a doss house.
This story says us an old inhabitant of the village near the hotel. It was a nice conversation.



Recreation Home - At the Sonnenberg.


This is the old lounge/foyer of the huge hotel. Alot of trash and so on :(


The bigger part of the hotel is destroyed by people :( Alot trash in the rooms and on the corridor. But the hotel has a little bit of an amazing charme.



Also some paintball-guys played there game in the hotel. You can see everywhere coloured paintball stains.


The hotel has 11 levels. Alot of stairs :)


We found this old saw in the huge kitchen of the hotel. It's an bone-saw. And the view of this saw was very scary. It was dark, alot of rooms in the kitchen ... scary moment for us ;)


After inspecting all level, we found the way to the roof. And the view over the landscape was great. We take our lunch at the roof. It was a great time!




After the lunch-break of the roof, we go downstairs and inspect the dark basement. At this foto u see a old 'emergency exit' writing. The basement was totalyboring. Empty and dark :)

We spend at this hotel maybe 6-7 hours, with watching, photography, with lunch and enjoying the nice landscape. Dreaming of the zenith of this hotel.

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