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28DL Full Member
Well.... Another Oakamoor train railway graveyard sidings post.

On a spur of the moment idea suggested to myself and nolimitsphotographyKirsty by RavenWing we decided to take a trip to the Wredon Quarry. Thankfully we missed all of the downpours of rain and the Alton Towers traffic.

On approach to the quarry not a person in sight untill we got down. We where spotted whilst walking down by the adjacent working area and started to be followed by the beams of diggers from above. We over heard some chatter on the radio about security/police so thought we best make like a tree and branch :mad:

So Backup plan it was, down the road to Oakamoor to have a explore around here, this time knowing we should have no trouble from any type of security, again we managed to dodge the rain and stay dry apart from Kirsty who managed to step into several large pools of water.

First attempt for myself and Kirsty and light painting and long exposure photography.







Thanks again for looking, any tips & advise would be nice.

Need to go again armed with glow sticks and have a cheeky rave whilst i'm there :D

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