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Report - Oakamoor Train Graveyard, Railway Siding, Oct 10


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I'm really struggling to find any concrete information on this railway siding, so i shall give you the information that i have gathered myself from visiting this site a few times.

This place seems to be a storage site for trains that are to be restored for either work back in commercial trains or for classic trains.
However, some of these trains have been here for literally years without being touched and are quite fascinating to walk around.

Most of the times i've been here it's been at night so i've not bumped into anyone - however i recently went in the day and there was a little man sat in an office. I promptly gave him a shout and he let us on site =]

Some of the trains have been disappearing recently but a couple of newer ones have come back in place. This is a collection of my photos from here with the first ones being taken last week.




This is me showing how much i love trains =]



And here's a couple shots of this place from my documentary on urban explorers =]



This place is really worth a visit; some of the trains here are simply phenomenal.

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