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Report - - Oakwood Mill near Stalybridge 09-04-07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Oakwood Mill near Stalybridge 09-04-07

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
I rode past this on Saturday so went back on Monday with Spook. There's not a lot to see to be honest but it made for a couple of interesting hours and there was an empty factory next to it which looked quite good, but no access unfortunately. I'll put a link up to that in "leads".

I don't know when this was built, but it was used by Staley & Millbrook Ltd for cotton spinning until they sold off all machinery for £13,000 in 1937.

The floors are pretty well empty, there has been a fire (or two) and the floors are a bit dodgy in places even though they're masonry.

One floor had this little forge with the cute twisty flue, it looked completely out of place.

This lift cage was making it's way into the cellar.

Further up the lift shaft.

Lift mechanism.


If I'm right, the building with no roof, with the white glazed bricks (which looked really good on Saturday when the sun was on them) was the engine house, with the boiler house behind.

We couldn't get down into the engine house, but from on top of one of the lower walls we could see an opening in the floor into a seperate basement area and hear water rushing through. This made me think the mill might originally have been powered by a water wheel. Later we went down to the nearby stream and found the remains of the leat, so that pretty much confirmed the theory.

I might go back sometime with a caving ladder to see if there are any remaining features in the basement.

The tower had originally had a clock at the top but we couldn't get up anyway because the steps had been completely removed at one point.

Most of the pics are Spook's, because mine are crap, which really pisses me off, I was taking photographs before I was even the age he is now, then Spook only gets a camera because he's "fed up of waiting while I set my camera up", then two weeks later he's taking better pictures than me.:mad:

Nag Champa

28DL Member
28DL Member
Thank you for posting these. I am staying in the area for a couple of weeks and for the last couple of days, have been taking a look around this site.
What was the factory next to it you spoke of? Is that where all the flats are now?

Best wishes, Andi