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Report - Odeon Cinema Colchester Aug. '11 Again.


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A quick visit with SarahSaw, joint pictures and stuff, to Pigeon shit city.

(Thanks to Luke takes pictures for the understated warning)!

Nicked the following from Speed, who nicked it from somewhere else :)

Originally Posted by cinema treasures
Opened in February 1931; originally with an atmospheric interior and seating 1,446. The designs by architect Cecil Masey also featured a cafe, a Wurlitzer organ and full stage facilities. Renamed Odeon in 1961. Tripled in 1974, with Screen 1 the original circle, and screens 2 and 3 in the original stalls area.

The old dressing rooms were used as a base for Hospital Radio Colchester from 1975 to 1990.

Three additional screens were later added, bringing the total to six.

The cinema closed on Sunday, October 13, 2002 when Odeon relocated to a new purpose built 8-screen multiplex nearby in Head Street.

The old building is currently derelict, although plans have been submitted to turn it into a nightclub.


A view from below of the main arena, looked like they had five here but pigeon goop poisoning played havac with my senses.


From above.


Hello. Colchester 509226..........


One of the face invaders.


Face invaders population boom


What's up here?




Main upstairs hall, not the worse for goop.


Screen 4


cooey! The street looked up when a flying rat flew straight into a flappy tin door, with two heads hanging out gasping for free air.


Shall we go now!

We did have a bit of a mystery, what sounded like someone stuck in an air vent with a 14LB club hammer was thumping like no tomorrow, if it was a nooby then mate! no hammers and no damage eh, if you were stuck then it will be easy to get out when your weight drops off :)​

Also big thanks to SarahSaw for her not so kind words bawled out in the multistory about woman who can't reverse or park, I can, give us a bad bloody name and all that. Perhaps next time look and notice if the windows are closed first eh :D


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