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Report - Odeon Cinema - Harlow, Essex - May 2017


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It was designed by T. P. Bennett & Son and had 1,244 seats. The projection room was suspended above the raised section of seating and had an almost level view to the large screen.

In June 1987, it closed for tripling and the raised section at the rear was converted into two smaller cinemas whilst the front retained the original box and screen.

The Odeon was refurbished in 2001 and rebranded with the new Odeon style. However it was closed in August 2005 and was purchased days after closing by a local businessman, but no work has been carried out yet and the building is still abandoned 12 years later.


As stated earlier, no work has been done in the past 12 years and the place has just sat there since.
There is evidence of people being in the cinema, but in a whole the place isn't in that bad condition, free of graffiti, which makes a change!
The cinema however is very very dusty, and in some places pretty moldy, perhaps due to all the dying pigeons in there.
Didn't stop them shitting everywhere before dying!

The Explore

This explore has been on the hit list for a few months now, but got pushed on the back burner after seeing that it had apparently been sealed back up. These rumors thankfully weren't true as i saw a report on here from March.

The topic of hitting the Odeon Cinema came up in the group chat one Sunday and later that night we found ourselves outside Harlow's finest chicken takeaway waiting for everyone to turn up.
Entry wasn't the hardest but also was a bit bait, i'm glad we did it at night or we definitely would have been spotted! (Props to @WildBoyz for doing it in the day! :thumb)

After giving it a few mins of scouting we found our access point, armed with the finest FFP3 maks that toolstation had to offer we went in.
Immediately the stench hits you like a tonne of bricks, even the masks couldn't stop the smell! Thankfully Drz found a bottle of febreeze which came in handy, for about 2 seconds!

The first room we came across was the projection room, which was nice, still had some equipment in there and the 3 holes to view into the main cinema.

We had seen the power was still active so we set about finding out how to turn it on, 5 mins later and we were in business! Unfortunately the lights only worked in the lobby and the projection room but Mockney did manage to open and close the main hall curtain, which is louder than you think!

After a bit of fuckery we headed towards the main event. The screens were split into 3, all in different degrees of decay. It was very much if you've seen one screen, then the others are the same scenario. I think Mockney mentioned 'There's only so many seats i can stare at'

Still a good explore ticked off the list, Hope you enjoy the pics.

Explored with @mockney reject , @UrbanDuck & @DRZ_Explorer





















Cheers :thumb



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Nice one mate! There is definitely something about this place I really like. Surprised the place still has power!


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Funny thing is, when I first did this place it didn't have power on. It had 110v site lights powered by a genny in one of the smaller screens. Was a bastard to start!


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Nice photos mate, certainly got the hang of low light. Smell of burning was a bit of a worry, hope the place is still there lol.


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Been lurking in the forums but had to register just to thank you for the laugh "Didn't stop them shitting everywhere before dying!" Very juvenile of me but really did make me lol


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28DL Full Member
Been lurking in the forums but had to register just to thank you for the laugh "Didn't stop them shitting everywhere before dying!" Very juvenile of me but really did make me lol
Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it, welcome to the forum!:rolleyes:

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