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Report - Odeon Cinema, Nottingham. June 2012


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I've explored this place countless times prior to getting a camera. It was sealed up for about 9 months and has only just been reopened so naturally we couldn't resist having a look round for what sadly may be the last time.
It is in even worse condition than before (If that's even possible) with large sections being unstable and virtually zero visibility. I have done my best with these shots and since this is my first report here I hope it's up to standard :p Unfortunately the report was cut short thanks to other people being in the site forcing us to leave. No doubt I will return to get some better shots but for now, enjoy :)

Here's some history from www.cinematreasures.org

Originally opened as the Ritz Cinema in 1933, Built for and originally operated by the County Cinemas chain. The Ritz Cinema was fully equipped with a large stage, a Conacher 4Manual/22Rank theatre organ which was designed by organist Reginald Foort (who opened the instrument) and a large cafe/restaurant.

Odeon Cinemas gained a controlling interest in County Cinemas from 1935 and took full control in 1939, but the Ritz Cinema retained its name until 1944 when it was re-named Odeon.The Conacher organ was last used during the run of the Todd A.O. production of "South Pacific" and was removed from the theatre in 1964 and split up. The stage was used less often in later years, but did get a short term re-use in the early 1960's when pop groups such as The Beatles played in concerts to packed houses in the theatre.

The original auditorium was destroyed in 1964 when the Odeon became the first cinema in the United Kingdom to be split into a twin screen operation. The architectural firm Harry W. Weedon Partnership were responsible for the conversion, with Trevor Stone & Mavis Stone the interior design consultants. It re-opened on 12th July 1965 with two modern curtain walled auditoriums. The upper Odeon 1 in the former circle had 924 seats and was designed as a showcase for roadshow presentations the Odeon 2 screen in the former orchestra stalls level had 1,450 seats and played regular releases. Odeon 2 was further sub-divided in 1976 when it was made into 3 screens seating 500, 130 and 110. A new screen, Odeon 5 was fitted into a former basement reception room and had 101 seats. In 1988 another room in the basement was made into Odeon 6 which seated 90 persons. Sadly though it closed in 2001and plans to demolish the cinema and build student accommodation have now been submitted to Nottingham City Council.

Enjoy :)

Also please note that the first 2 shots (The exteriors) Weren't taken by me. I have included them for reference, the first is from its heyday circa 1999, and the second is current. I neglected to take an exterior on the day of the explore. All other pics however were taken by me.


The good ol' days :p


Odeon Cinema, ca. 2009


Corridor leading to main entrance. We didn't go down further due to the fact that parts of the floor are now unstable and also due to the activity outside.


Staircase leading to seating area and stage.


The old projection booth, Sadly sans projector. There is however some interesting paperwork which I'll get some shots of next time :D


One of the eeriest parts of the Building.


View from the opposite end of the left hand staircase leading from the stage. Wanted to get a full shot of the stage but low light and dust frustrated this end. Will go better prepared next time.


Unable to get many satisfactory shots on the ground floor, (Only I had a decent torch) We headed upstairs



Many stripped out rooms like this, hard to tell what they were used for.


At this point we began hearing banging and crashing noises from below us. We decided to hurry up, get some final shots and leave.



Partial view of cinema screen


View of the roof. Would have gone to the highest point but people were working in the adjacent buildings.

Overall not too bad an explore but Will be updating pics soon :) Hope you enjoyed.
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