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Report - Odeon in cheltenham - archived report - help required


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Hi everyone,

I am new to the site and forums and joined mainly after having a chat with my 10-year old son about the old Odeon here in Cheltenham I grew up with. It got me looking for images from inside the cinema as I was at pains to adequately describe to him the size of it when I was younger.

I stumbled across the archived report on here and even though it lacked any photos from when the Odeon was still running (and from the time when Screen One was still large and undivided) it still made me smile being able to see some of these images on here, as well as saddening me to see it gutted.

So, I am keen to contact 'The Blue Fox' and 'Four Feathers' who posted the photos on here. Their memberships seem to have expired though as I can't click their names or anything like that. Does anyone know if these guys are still on here in some form or how to contact them?

The Odeon has finally been earmarked for removal these days. After sitting there in a state for many years with various plans for the site knocked back, it has been left to get in such a poor condition that the Council here have said it is beyond restoration and plans to build apartments on the site have been given the go-ahead. So, instead of the building remaining and being restored/renovated into something else, it seems it has been deliberately neglected and plans turned down so that it ended up in such a state that it must be torn down and a new building put in its place...

I for one would like to ask permission from the two forum members who took the photos to reproduce their photos online. I may even approach the Council or whichever company has leased/bought the site to access the Odeon with camera and camcorder to document its final days myself...

Cheers in advance for any help in speaking with 'The Blue Fox' and 'Four Feathers'...

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