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Report - Off shore wind farm and substation – barrow in Furness–march 11


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A small potted history of the site

Source: BOWind website and my knowledge


The wind farm comprises 30 modern, efficient, wind turbines, each capable of producing 3MW of electricity, delivering power to the existing grid system at Heysham via buried subsea and onshore cables.

BOW's rectangular site covers an area of approximately ten square kilometres around 7km from Walney Island

It consists of 30 turbines in four rows, and the farm has its own offshore substation. the first of the kind in the uk by increasing the voltage from 33kv to 132 kv the energy can be transported further enabling the higher winds further offshore to be utilised
I had to use a I phone 3g s in a case with a lanyard attached as I didn’t want to see my camera in the bottom of the oggin (FACT there are a fair few radios used buy the maintenance guys in the sea around the area of the wind farm along with some wallets and phones) so the pictures aren’t the best but I thought with access being so difficult it would be worth posting them up to give you an insight

i have only resized the images and not altered them in any way i am not a photographer so tips would great

1.As we move in there is a extensive collection of equipment on the deck made more impressive by the fact it was built on the shore and then put on a ship and lifted on to the yellow post


2.The view from below, if its yellow it was built at sea in location above the yellow it was lifted on top after the whelders had gone


3.The turbines


4.Half a million quid’s worth of purpose built taxi it also has a spares stores onboard and small workshop and welder not the nocth in the front more to be seen later


5.Since it was moved out to the sea everything has to come onboard via the very small winch in bags. lucky my sarnies got up ok not so good was the 1.2 ton of water we had to bring up 50 kg at at time


6.I could hardly get this in shot this is a small 4x4 meter cabin for if you get stranded on board its got 2 bunk beds a weeks worth of food and water in the barrels the toilet takes up the corner and consisted of a curtain for a door and a box of bin bags to be filled then thrown overboard


7.The cable deck the yellow post was apparently sunk in to the seabed via a vacuum system that sucked it down to the required depth to give some idea of wave height apparently its not uncommon to find driftwood and other stuff on here


8.Only the most determined pikey will get there hands on this cable


9. The nocth in action the boat stays at half throttle all day whilst your onboard incase the weather gets bad pinned to the rig using a lot of fule (25k the 2 days I was there )


10.Not one for those afraid of heights


thanks for reading hope you enjoyed


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