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Some of you probably know this place. You'll forgive me if I'm deliberately very vague about it and don't post exterior shots, and I respectfully ask you to refrain from discussing any detailed information in this thread. The place is in immaculate decay, with the exception of a little bit of trash and some candles left by previous visitors (in case any of you are reading this, GODDAMMIT PICK UP YOUR FUCKING GARBAGE, YOU CAN BE SLOBS AT HOME gah now I'm all hot and bothered). Nothing but the rot and rust.


I visited with a professional photographer friend and we tried to both get some good quality pictures of it.

This is the old office building of a huge semi-defunct steel firm in France. Built in the 1890s, it's been abandoned since the 1970s (I believe, I'm still looking for info on its abandonment), and is in remarkable condition for it. Formerly, the firm was under the management of a large, old industrial family; the ruin of their titanic villa is still visible on the grounds. A few of the original commercial buildings are still in use and in nice shape.

I am currently trying to find old photos and information about the history from the local government, the family firm, and the company that now owns the terrain. There's precious little historical imagery or details about this particular site online, and I've yet to hear back from anyone.

And today I learned that most sites giving searchable local historical information just scrape content from wikipedia :D

In fact, the family estate directly abuts the mills; the grounds include a chapel and several outbuildings; the company director-owners had immediate access to the offices from the villa. Talk about taking your work home with you.

Note the beautiful late 19th century ironwork and the glass-and-steel roof. There's also an interesting system of lighting one of the hallways - the glass roof let in light to the attic, and a floor of thick glass plugs illuminated the corridor underneath. Everywhere are nice details, and the record-keeping goes back to the 1840s.

I hope the pics turned out OK, it was dark and I have rarely been so cold in my entire life.


1. The old main entrance


2. The beautiful antique elevator cage and bannisters


3. Main staircase


4. Executive washroom


5. Overhead lighting - I kept it dark so you could get an idea of the atmosphere


6. T. at work


7. Details on the ceiling supports in the main atrium


8. Said main atrium. I think I'm going insane, but it appears to be crooked...dammit.


9. Archive drawer


10. Order book


11. Document storage

I haven't gotten around to detailing it on kosmograd dot net yet, pending having some time from work and a bit more background information.