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Lead or Rumour info - Official Urbex HQ!!! Southampton - March 2018


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Went out exploring with @UrbexCamo today to do some official urban exploration in some creepy HAUNTED abandoned buildings, when we stumbled across this gem in Southampton. Wow guys, what can we say? This is a never before seen SECRET visited by us only, and now we are sharing it with you! Make sure you click my page and smash that follow button to keep up with all my latest splores!

So... as you can see this CREEPY abandoned building is absolutely stunning to look at guys, it’s got to be at least fifty years old! And as ever Xexxa and UC don’t give away locations so please don’t ask in the comments

As we headed in WOW! You can just imagine all the history in this building. As we saw a couple of empty cans of monster around, we knew we were in the OFFICIAL Urbex Community HQ!

The hole in the wall at the back actually goes in to the building next door. At this point we heard a SCARY NOISE!!! it was obviously the ghosts, but we want to bring you only the best, so we carried on further in to the building

Could this sign be from a former occupier of the site???
We carried on down this HAUNTED CORRIDOR! WOW!
Then we came to what we were looking for the OFFICIAL URBEX HEADQUARTERS BREAK ROOM! What a sight to behold guys, never seen nank like this before. We had to be careful because of possible USED NEEDLES and killer MOULD. We had a look round this mint condition building and wondered what stories the walls could tell. Time was getting on and we knew we had other places to explore, but this building was just too amazing

After we spent 8 minutes exploring this incredible building it was time to leave.... it’s only March and already I’m amazed at what a year it was been!

Thanks for reading my report guys, make sure you donate to my patreon so I can keep bringing you updates. Every person who donates a fiver gets a shout out in my next report!

See you all soon!!



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We also have hoodies with “official urban exploration crew” on them and the YouTube logo. We also sell 100% official unlicensed 28dl baseball hats and screwdrivers


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Pity you can't put more effort into actually finding places of interest yourselves rather than parodying "Goontubers" and "Ghosty hunters"
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Haha this is jokes nicely played Xman, sofa looks ripe for one of dem get bare lean and sag seshes too.
What happened to Camo tho?