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Report - Ogof Hen Ffynhonnau, Poachers Cave, North wales April 2016

The Kwan

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Its been a while since I have posted a report but I have been kinda busy lately, so here it is.
I visited here with my local Caving Group, The Wirral Caving Group and really enjoyed it also the enjoyed the Usual Pub visit afterwards too.
This cave has some really nice features like the Big boss formation and the silt crocodile that I think is totally man made, it is very wet and very muddy.
The nickname Poachers cave is derived from an event that saw one caving club inadvertently digging this cave supposedly unaware of the other clubs long term efforts, the name stuck.

some history snaffled from UK caving.com
The short entrance crawl leads to the top of a 5m pitch which requires a ladder. This drops into the old Dyer's Adit. A hole down on the left leads to Old Spring's Passage which is a crawl through silt banks. The cave continues accross a rock bridge over two pits leading to an active streamway. The water sinks into a hole in the floor which can be followed to an area below the rock bridge. Upstream leads to a large chamber with large stalagmite boss. The roof then lowers reaching the loose final chamber which is close to the River Alyn.

There is a blurry patch almost in the middle of my photos because of a scratch on my lens.
The walk down to the cave is very pleasant

the entrance is through a cave opening, through a steel door and down a steel hatch


Once inside the cave it is nice mix of stoopy and standy up bits

one end of a passage called the isosceles Passage, a really nice feature


it looks tranquil but the noise of the water in this large chamber is quite something

This is the Silt Crocodile...its gonna getcha if youre not quick :)

This is the Big Boss, above it is what is called the chandelier, eventually the two wll meet.

The Boss from the side

Dave and Steph, looking for the bar :)

My old D300 is tough as old boots and always buffs up okay

Cheers for looking


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Very nice mr Kwan I like the look of this place. Is the sigma still going then..

The Kwan

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Cheers Ojay and Lavino, the Tokina looks fave at the moment, just wondering if I should go the full 9 yards and go Full frame ..may need to send santa a letter though :)


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haha, grabbing a full frame body is one thing, 2 years on and I still haven't managed to afford a wide fx lens, I'm stuck with 28mm on that score

Each time I manage to cream some funds, the boiler packs up, the car needs summat sorting, or the Mrs spends it for me...LYF :(

The Kwan

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Glad its not just me that happens to Ojay :) I may just ask Lenston if I can use his wide lens seeing that he shoots Nikon and has too may lenses already ;)


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Lovely cave :thumb Any snaps of the chandelier?