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Report - Old Block B&C, Sutton Hospital, Surrey - Jan 18


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Apologies for this report coming out 3 weeks late, I've just been a bit too busy recently. This report is in addition to the Chiltern Wing report I did.

Sutton Hospital Opened in 1899 with 6 Hospital beds, though since then the hospital has expanded numerous times. Multiple different blocks have been built with some already being demolished. The old blocks seem to have been special units for Children and Adolescent with some offices inbetween.

There are 3 different abondoned blocks to Sutton Hosptial; Block A, B and C. We only visited Block B and C, but according to some other explorers we met that day, Block A is in horrible shape and not that great of an explore. Block C is the cleanest block of all with not much damage but it's very empty while Block B has quite a bit of damage but is the most interesting explore due to all the equipment and murals left behind.

Block C:

Block B:



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I found this play this week. They have put some very high fencing around it and it looks impossible to get into now