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Report - - Old Bridewell, Leeds town hall Holding Cells Nov 07 | Underground Sites |

Report - Old Bridewell, Leeds town hall Holding Cells Nov 07

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I'm not sure if this belongs in the recycle bin or not but anyway...

Explored this a while back with Phill.d, he'd actually had a trip organised officially but that got cancelled due to a tv crew filming in the courtroom.

i managed to get us in completely seperately and ironically work for the same program they were filming.


Leeds Town Hall was built in 1858 in Park Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire to a design by architect Cuthbert Brodrick. It was built to serve many functions including -

To house various council offices.
To act as the new courtroom facility for the city.
To serve as a police station or 'Central Charge Office'.
To provide a hall for concerts and civic events.

Old Bridewell

The Booking in area has a modern desk as the cells were used rigt up to 1992.


I'd heard stories from mates about victorian prison cells at old bridewell underneath the Town hall steps, fascinated i'd been itching to see them for ages, when we finally got down there it was a bit anti climax.


I had visions of a labrynth of dark, wet, 'hostel' like cells and a heavy atmosphere held in the chain adorned walls. What we got were only 3 main cells and a holding area. They've decided to open the cells up for public tours and so have installed brand new railings down the steps and lighting. As they left us alone we turned the lights out to get a better feel and do some light painting.



The middle cell was the longet the other two were quite small



even though this place hadnt been used for 15 years it still smelt like sewage probably because of the damp




to think how many criminals have sat on this bench? including the infamousCharlie Peace





all in all, pretty un-inspiring trip, we did find a tiny little tunnel at the end of the room so naturally we crawled through a ton of dust and confetti where we eventually came out at one of the ventilation shafts infront of the town hall, we could see people walking above us.
we also 'accidentally' got lost finding our way out and went searching for the more recent tiled cells, we found them and they were much bigger in number and would've been infintely better were it not for all the crap in and around them as they are now used for storage.

so there you have it,

i wouldnt bother to be honest
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