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Report (Permission Visit) Old Car City - White, Georgia USA April 2018


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So here I am fresh off the boat (or more accurately, airplane), and I am itching to show you what I have been up to the last few weeks.

Of the locations I managed to shoot, about half a dozen were ones that had been on my bucket list for some time, and this was right at the tip top. People who know me know I love car graveyards and this is probably the most legendary of them all. I have known about it for a number of years and never did I think I'd actually get to see it in the flesh.

Old Car City located in the small town of White around an hour north of Atlanta, Georgia is the largest known car graveyard in the world. The collection has been amassed since 1931 and is still owned by the same family to this day. On the 34 acre property sit over 4000 classic vehicles scattered through woods, around a lake, on concrete hardstanding and in fields - the vast majority American cars from the 1950s through to the 1970s, although there are old pickups, a few school buses and a handful of European stuff of a similar vintage as well. For a small fee, you are allowed unrestricted access to the property and can wander around it to your hearts content.

We had intended to spend the entire day there but a series of unfortunate car-related events in the morning sadly meant we had only half a day - and over that time I reckon I saw less than half of it. I never thought I'd see myself walking past 60s Cadillacs and Ford Galaxies thinking to myself 'that's just another one of them I won't bother snapping it'! It is an almost indescribable place - for someone like me who loves classic cars and loves car graveyards it's almost an overwhelming experience as you simply have no idea where to look first. I found myself kind of wandering around in a daze for about half an hour before I regained my sense and wandered off on my own for the afternoon to spend time with the rust.

If you like car graveyards this is one location you simply have to visit before you die.


Bikin Glynn

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Wow what a place.
Loving the Borgward! nearly bought one of them once!


"You BOY!
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Very nice collection there. I would of liked to see some interiors of dashboards if were possible, but I read you were pressed for time.


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28DL Full Member
a bit of Tcut and they'll be mint again!!

Jaw droppingly awesome!!

Baggy trousers

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28DL Full Member
Jesus, that's pretty epic that! I'm a credit guy too and a day wouldn't have been enough for me to see that.
Great report from across the pond as usual mookster.