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ok so this report may be a bit late but i decided to do it now because the article about this house that i originaly read earlier this year in the daily fail way back in march has come up again in my newsfeed on facecook recently a couple of time so i wanted to clarify what was going on with the place incase anyone reads the same article and decides to go for a nosey. i work local to the area and have driven past the place a few times, mainly on the way back from talgartha hospital actually! when i saw the article i decided to go and chance it, at the time when i went there was a bonfire out back still smoking and an ominous looking caravan so evidently not the most abandoned place in the world, didnt stop me having a rather nervous nosey about the outside though but all i found was 5in galvs pinning down every window and door. the subject of the place came up at work again recently and to a guy i work with lives in the village up the road from willersley and seems to think the old boy that died in the car crash' brother is dealing with and looking to restore the place at present.

just thought i would write this up to save anyone driving out to deepest darkest hereford off the back of the daily mail article.
if you havent seen the article by all means have a google and give it a read as it does look like a good one, just dont bother taking the trip!



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Re: old crow cottage - willersley - april 2014

Thanks for the update.

Why anyone would want to 'explore' this is beyond me, but hey, each to their own I suppose.

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Re: old crow cottage - willersley - april 2014

Someone should do the place a favour and move the fire 10 meters nearer.

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