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Report - Old Dalquharran Castle - April 2017


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2 castles bear the name Dalquharran. The old castle was originally built in the 1400's and sits on the banks of Girvan Water and was abandoned in the late 1700 in favour of the new castle which is a short walk away.

The old castle is nothing more than a ruin today and its in a very bad state. From the looks of it, the remaining turret is subsiding and will likely collapse if nothing is done to stop it. The site is actually on the side of a well used local path used by walkers so access to the ruin is unrestricted. From the main street in Dailly its at most a 10 minute walk to this castle.

Other than a couple of signs telling people to beware and anti-climb paint, there are no security measure and there's been no effort to reinforce the building in any way. The state of the area is no doubt worse because it appears to be a popular spot for local kids to drink (honestly, the amount of broken bottles there was more dangerous than the ruin itself).

Other than the structure of the building little else remains but, remarkably things such as the original door and what I presume is a fireplace are still intact which is quite cool. I cant understand why those haven't been removed as being of historical interest.

We visited the new castle as well and I'll post about that later.











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