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Report - Old Embankment tunnel, Preston - June 2022


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Firstly, before anyone mentions the lack of a location in the title, I do not actually know of a name for this location. It is on (in?) the embankment for the old rail line that is now a footpath.
Secondly, this is nothing spectacular, and probably would not warrant its own thread except for it being an interesting example of a Victorian culvert, and very much unknown.
Thirdly, this was taken back the week before the Jubilee after I was unable to enter the Orphanage thanks to crowds and a stoner, but work has left me with little time and so I am only making this now.

So, what have we?
Well, as those better versed in Prestons history will know, the current rail bridge is infact the second and newer rail bridge, as are the lines it supports. Back when the Preston line was first open the train ran along a different route and over a different bridge, the embankment for which now serves as the divider between Avenham and the Victorian parks. This bridge is now a footbridge. The track followed on over the bridge and ran atop a tall embankment towards Penwortham, but it was here, in the early stretch, that the engineers ran into two problems. one was field accessibility, for the farmer whose land they crossed, and the other was a small but important stream that ran directly through the line.

This is the solution to the access problem, and the better known of the two. Indeed,until recently it provided access to a football field


This, on the other hand, is the one I am looking at today. Located maybe 20 metres closer to the river it is largely unknown by most. You should not explore this in bad weather as the stream becomes a torrent, and the clay base is not good to walk on. On the left hand side is the walkway, a ledge of compact clay.


Heading down inside you can see the stonework foundations and the brick arch


And around the corner we see the exit


The bridge at the far end is for the small footpath that runs through. The base of this is made from rails from the old railway.


And this is the entrance at the far end


And the entrance I started in, from the other end.

Well, its not much but I hope you found it somewhat interesting.

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