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Report - Old Holywell Hospital 25.04.15


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The Lluesty hospital is situated in Holywell, North Wales. Originally built in the late 1830’s as a workhouse and then converted and extended to become the hospital in the early 1900’s this community hospital closed it’s doors in 2008 after a new hospital was opened about a mile down the road. The site was sold at auction for a mere £275,000 and it’s said that it’s been allocated for a housing development for around 70 new homes, but as yet there is no sign of any future work on the site.

When researching the site on the internet I couldn’t find much about it’s history only the following;

The early Victorian building was designed by St Asaph architect John Welch and used as a workhouse for the poor of 14 parishes. It was built by Thomas Hughes of Liverpool and the contractor was Samuel Parry. There may have been alterations in 1869 and it was enlarged to the right in 1902. There were also some modern extensions during it's conversion to hospital use. It has the standard workhouse grid plan with separate courtyards for men and women and transverse and spinal ranges with a linking central octagon

The original workhouse complex and adjoining chapel were Grade II listed around 20 years ago.

So the visit….it was a damp day and armed with two dodgy torches and a camera phone, we parked up behind the petrol station which is situated right in front of the main building. The 7.5 acre site was surrounded by high security fencing with a very careless gapping gap right in front of the main building which allowed us to walk straight into the site. There where a few locals around near the petrol station and I’m almost certain we where seen but no one seemed bothered and our day went undisturbed.

Around the back of the main building we gained entry via an open door!! And this seemed to be the theme for the majority of the site..open doors and windows.

The whole site seemed in pretty good condition considering how long it’s been empty. The main building being the only one stripped of its wiring and valuable fittings and along with the usual empty beer cans etc, we where very surprised especially given its open and inviting nature.

This is definitely one to return to with proper equipment to get some fabulous photos.

Being our first Urbex and having no equipment please excuse the picture quality, I’ll do better next time I promise ; )