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Video Report - Old Park Farm, Wakefield, December 2015


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This place wasn't far from us so we checked it out on our way to another explore. Worth a visit if your close by but otherwise it really is just a shell. There's a lot of signs of vandals and all that crap. The only redeeming feature really, was the 'Gay Hole'.

Bit of history from stanleyhistoryonline.com

Situated on the land between the River Calder and Canal, Old Park Farm lies between Stanley Ferry and Eastmoor on Welbeck Lane . The exact age of the farm is not known but it is believed to date back at least to the early Victorian Era. The farm which was owned by Wakefield council up unto recently, has been run by a number of families over the years. Today the farm stands derelict; plagued by its recent history.

In 2008 the farm was closed after concerns were raised about the welfare of the birds that were kept there. These included Harris hawks, red-tailed hawks, two emaciated European eagle owls and Lanner falcons. In 2005, nine eagle owls kept at the council-owned site were used in film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Since the farm was abandoned it has become a dangerous eyesore, and a meeting place for local kids and with evidence of drug taking on the site. Piles of rubbish litter the farm buildings, where slates have been stolen from the roof and fires have been started. In 2009 RATS president Paul Dainton called upon Wakefield Council to make the site safer after the buildings became too unsafe to be left as they were. In July 2010 the farm was sold at auction by Wakefield Council for £162,000, selling for almost double the guide price. It is unsure of what the new owners plan to do with site at present.

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