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Lead or Rumour info - Old Police and Fire station With External Pics


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Popped down here during what I thought would be a quite period only to be confronted by a number of people working at the back of the place.

I have had a quick search on 28dl and the web but not found anything from inside.

Its the old Police and fire station on Westminster Road At the Junction with Bradewell Street

Has anyone been inside to see what is left of the original building as according to the grade two listing it still has the cell area and some other old fixtures and fittings, BUT that was in 2007. it was turned into a pub in the 1980's called the old bill but never visited it.

Gonna try and get some internal shots before christmas ;)






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External shots before Christmas? - Blimey you don't hang about.

Can we call you 'Ovolo-the-Speedy' ? :thumb


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Sorry chaps it is in Liverpool DOH!

And the jibe about being before Christmas was so if anyone's "watching" they won't be waiting for me sometime soon ;0) bitches ! Lol


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When I was younger me and my cousin attempted to get in
In the first picture the overgrowth to the right there is a small garden area with access to a cellar..

At the time it was open but this is going back 5 or 6 years atleast. The cellar was full of still full ale barrells connected to the pumps. And oddly enough a few lights where working down there, we got the stairs but neither of us had the bottle to go up as it was pitch black..

I would imagine the cellar we got in has been closed off by now.. and ofcourse accross the road you have Rooney's Bar :D