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Howdo :thumb

Theres an old Newsagents on Chestergate (Brinksway) in Stockport just near the childrens Wacky Warehouse type place. Its been disused for about 10 years (if my memory serves me correctly) and could possibly be a decent explore. It's something i'd be interested in doing myself but due to dissability would not be possible.

Tried finding more details upon the premises online but im struggling so i'll post the picture from google.




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It's something i'd be interested in doing myself but due to disability would not be possible.
Is this to say that access is possible, or that you don't know if access is possible? If you catch my drift.

I'm not going to dart to Stockport for an old Newsagents, but as Alley pointed out, if it's been sealed that long it could be worth a nosey for a local.


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28DL Full Member
I'm heading down Stockport today with a friend, checking out reynolds mill and having a mooch, going to have a look round for some places. Seen this newsagents quite a few times and wondered what's inside. Will have a look and tell you what I see :)