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Lead or Rumour info - Old Wakefield Library, Drury lane


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This old place has been fully boarded up for a few years now ? drove past tonight and there"s 8" boardings up with the building fully Scaffed" behind including the little tower which looks like an access point.

There"s a planning application notice on a post outside but the lights changed before i could exit the car & check it out. Just thought i"d mention it :)


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28DL Full Member
It's going to be art studios/gallery.


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Go have a look, wakefield's surprisingly nice for rooftops.

I enjoyed the town hall when I was last there - http://www.28dayslater.co.uk/forums/high-stuff/76599-town-hall-wakefield-december-2012-a.html

Just be careful of alarms if you do go inside as it might take you a while to get back to the top of the building and down the scaffolding before somebody arrives - seeing as though the police station is about 200m away.

Would be great to see some pictures come out of these wakefield leads that we're getting at the moment. Apparently the old entrance to westgate station is open too.