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Report - Old Warden Tunnel, Bedford, March '16


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So completely new to this, here is my first post.. Go easy on me!
I'm sure this post has been done more than enough times but I couldn't find anything recent and a lot has changed in a few years so hopefully you enjoy..

Old Warden tunnel was built as part of the Midland railway connection Bedford, Hitchin and London during the 1850's with the first passenger train running the 8th May 1857, the line was officially axed on December 28th 1964. The half mile long tunnel was built of blue engineering bricks, runs at a slight gradient to allow drainage of water (once upon a time) yet is entirely straight.
The land above is currently a nature reserve, the Bedford end of the tunnel itself has metal grilling above the bricking to allow for bats to get through as it is now considered a sanctuary for them. The Hitchin end has been back-filled with a small gap left that has begun to be taken over by nature.
The tunnel made an appearance in 'Those magnificent men and their flying machine' and more recently has been featured in a few music videos.
All of the original tracks have been removed and there are a few burnt out cars now but if you have time whilst in the area it's definitely worth checking out, the view from the centre of the tunnel is sweet but you'll need you wellies!

I couldn't get many pics from inside as the lighting wasn't fantastic and we didn't take torches (rookie mistake) but live and learn right.







It's a nice muddy climb to get out this end and a lot of trees to amble over, have fun :)


The Wombat

Mr Wombat
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Keep meaning to pop down and see this one

Nice to see an update on this.

Thanks for sharing


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been here many a time some of the graffiti on the front wall is good from time to time. watch out at the other end though the land owner has pointed her shot gun at me and my cousin a few times for being down there.


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I don't want to disappoint anyone but you can't enter the tunnel any more. The small entrance has been shut off.


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you Can still enter from the other end. You just have to persevere to find it. We managed it a few weeks back but didn’t have enough battery in the torches to get anywhere through it safely. Defiant going to revisit this one!

Bikin Glynn

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Thats interesting to know, the main end has always been locked when Iv been there!


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Was well locked when I was there too. Did try for the other end but was very wet and didn't fancy getting back into the car caked in mud!

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