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Report - Old warden Tunnel Bedfordshire September 2020

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History - The tunnel was built as part of the Midland Railway connecting Bedford and hitchen and from there to London between 1853 and 1857. Contrary to popular belief the line lost its passenger services before the cuts of dr beaching , they were withdrawn on 1 January 1962 along with goods services between Hitchin and Shefford.Goods services between Shefford and Bedford succumbed to the Beeching Axe on 28 December 1964. Built of blue engineering bricks, the tunnel is ovoid in shape and runs at a very slight gradient to allow drainage; however, it is perfectly straight.

the explore- so my old best mate was up and visiting having him being a old mine explorer also decided to drop bikinglyn a text for a location on this little place anyway !

you show up it’s a very short walk to a small staircase case down into the valley /cutting straight away you notice the temperature difference and the air particles are wizzing by you from heat change of the tunnel to normal weather it had been 27c on the Day we showed up so made taking photos bloody difficult! I was not going to bother posting it but might as well only had one torch on me so it will have to do!Could only photo around half of it as the middle section you could only see 5ft ahead yourself

Let’s go !

The cutting

Back look

Torch is now turned on

Nice bit of ingress

With the above photo


You can see on all these the mist inside is really heavy in this tunnel but I think it’s quite cool myself

Has cleared up lovely on this one the torch does its job very nicely

Another misty one


Some strange clean shapes on the brickworks

And a outshot you can see the most that comes out the tunnel reacting to
Hope ya enjoyed it !

forgot to add this one in I do like it walking threw it is amazing how it moves around you !
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Down and beyond

From the land of the pillar and stall
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U did well there, it was incredibly hazy in there that day we went I didnt attempt any pics!
The hole tunnel was literally 5ft visibility again mate nightmare but manage to use it to my advantage this time to get some cool misty shots !


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That’s just round the corner from my hometown, shame I wasn’t engaged in the hobby when I lived at home! Nice job there D&B!

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