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Report - Old Woking, Roundbridge Farm, Dec 2016


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Hi Guys,
Only went inside the garage, as people from the golf course were staring right at me....
I might return in the evening though.....

The existing buildings comprise a former farm complex consisting of
the original Grade II listed farm cottages and associated agricultural
buildings. The site has been subject to a planning application for the
conversion of the original Grade II listed farm cottages into a single
dwelling and 4 additional detached houses with associated gardens.

The subject site comprises a broadly regular shaped site of
approximately 1.66 acres. It is currently occupied by the existing
farm buildings and is accessed by a private un-adopted road.








Cheers for looking,


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
You have to be tactical on this one. It's surrounded by a golf course, offices, a river and a sewerage works. I parked at the offices nearby and walked down the long driveway (approx 1/4 mile) but it is technically private land.
ps - there is ALWAYS the chance of being arrested with this hobby...

The Lone Ranger

Safety is paramount!
Staff member
Best idea not to go here .
And why visit anywhere then that you are not allowed in? All sites in essence are privately owned so as soon as you step in you are trespassing. As to being arrested as long as all you are doing is using existing entrances, not damaging or stealing things all you are doing is trespass which is a civil offence i.e.. get off my land :thumb
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