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Report - Oldham Deep Interceptor Sewer, July 2010.


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Oldham Deep Interceptor Sewer - Visited By Ojay & Mortaldecay.

Having ventured out late one evening in search of more drains we went to take a further look at something Bungle had mentioned whilst searching for access to another system a few months back. Funnily enough me and Thompski were only popping lids in the exact same area a few nights earlier. (Strange but true).

Anyway after lifting a couple of lids we came across this 'Deep Shaft' 13M or 42ft to be exact.

There was a distinct smell of 'fresh' in the air, which increased as MD lifted the liddage. It was steamy as hell, and as he shone his torch down, quickly followed by my head.

Visibility was somewhat poor due to the amount of poop particles in the air :eek:

Anyway, enough dicking around, I got my camera out and headed down to check out the sewerfresh.

(Apolgies for the flashtastics as the location was reasonably on-top and a quickie)

Down the first ladder, approx 20ft to a concrete platform AND looking back up


The Ladder continued another 20ft or so down to the bottom, where you could see the sewer below



As I reached the bottom concrete inspection stage, I managed to get a good view of the 'fresh' before heading further in


Left and Right was a 5ft RCP with a fairly fast flowing turdstream, which by this point the smell didn't seem as bad



Having been pushed for time, and not taking the 4 gas down, I didn't venture far before turning back around and climbing out. A return trip would be in order to see what lies beyond.....​

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