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Report - On le road again, part deux. (metro, steel, trains, prohobo)


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The little-known, incomplete metro system of Dadizelle remains as such because Dadizelle, other than a pimping amusement park and a nice church has nothing to offer.

The citizens don't need mass transit as a) 20 residents does no constitute 'mass', and b) there's nowhere worth going other the aforementioned landmarks. We arrived at the enormous pit - near 20m across, dropping 30 odd meters into the earth. A pale glow in the bottom oulined the tunnel portals, wet succulent holes drawing us closer with the siren song of fat teselating concrete rings. Attentive readers will remember we left our SRT kit in paris. In fact we lacked all srt kit except for one carabiner ds clips to his packback for haulage (or he's just one of those cocks whose christmas tree of a backpack is covered in annoying, clinking biners, perhaps ready for emergency attachment of a colostemy bag to save the embarassment of soiled pantalons when ironically, security catch them because of clinking metal carabiners...). The tease, the promise, the chance for major league geiser inducing bustage was too great. Redundant SRT gear would be bought, credit card debt be damned. Motherfucking metro would be demolished. Aggregated Explore Count: 10.5

--- intermission of amsterdam, srt kit purchase, beaver dam exploration ---

It's known by various names, but to us the unfinished metro of Dadizelle always be the Pit of Sarlat, home of the great Bukkake Beast. It's pure metro filth. Drenched to the bone in the rain and cold we threw down a shitty old towel for edge prot and dropped in. I'll spare the words, the pictures (or it didn't happen, ha!) say it all.

photo: snaapppeeeeellllllll

Around dawn we emerged from That Pit and drove wearily to Villa Josephine, some tipoff we'd pulled out of our ass or the ass of the internet, nobody knows. In short the building was squatted by a bearded hippy babbling in some language neither english, french nor dutch so we gave up and dropped the pedal towards t-fo. It was fucking failure on all sides. Access was found after a lengthy game of trial and error, by which time a group of schoolkids arrived with hardhats, backpacks (containing no more than 2 beers) and proceeded to climb 1/3 up the chimney to complete an aerial ropes course in full view of our access point. Congrats on reaching the top, currently awaiting report. Entrance pwned, we bailed, shit sucked. I don't even remember where we slept, if we did at all. Aggregated Explore Count: 25 (0.5 for the outter buildings of tranfo).

Unrefreshed from sleeping wherever the fuck we slept we took our first serious business tip from Slyv's tipjar and it sent us south to an active steel mill sitting on standby due to economic conditions and the reduced demand for steel. A long elevated daylight conveyor stroll above traffic had us rolling tensly, the dice teetering close as could be to the table's edge. At every opportunity we hid and assessed our position, peeking through holes in the sheet metal for indications we were safe. A 100m traverse took us nearly 30 minutes. Another hour passed to ensure the roaming security patrol and the nearby sirens weren't looking for us before venturing deeper into the warren of pipes and conveyors spanning the site.

Through the tangled mess we snaked in the dark, stopping at every junction to listen for signs of security or other activity. Hearing and seeing nothing we took nervous steps up the massive blast furnace. It's a surreal feeling to be in a space which is in full working condition, but deserted. The tools lay exactly where they workers had put them down, piles of raw materials and spare parts sat organised and sorted. With the flick of a few switches (and the presumably complex furnace ignition procedure) the entire plant could spring to live tomorrow were the demand for steel to boom overnight. This would of course take time but we entertained the thought of the whole plant firing up around us. That would have been fun.

Finally we spotted security in a large glowing hut way below us on the opposite side of the furnace. No sooner had we determined we were safe did a huge siren somewhere in the complex start wailing. We hauled ass, packing photogear as we ran down the stairs 2 at a time back into the dark maze.

That night, exhausted and covered in black steel mill dust we checked into a Formule 1 and processed to obliterate their bathroom, turned all the towels black then crashed out on a dinner of cheap wine and cider. Felt nice! Aggregated Explore Count: 149

The great thing about Belgium and europe in general is that nothing is too far apart. Driving 10 hours from sydney to brisbane for a weekend sounds perfectly reasonably in australia so crossing a european country for a powerstation (or two) in europe makes perfect sense.

Don't smoke, shit explodes

Sleeping Arrangements. Aggregated Explore Count: 1,645

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