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Report - Opal 3 and Candle House, Leeds - September 2011


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After visiting High Royds, we headed over to the city for a bit of rooftopping. We firstly hit Opal 3, a student accommodation tower, where we got rumbled by security when we were on the roof taking pictures. We however managed to get out without being caught, but it meant our time was cut short so we didn’t manage to get many pictures. So undeterred we went over to the other side of the city to Candle House, where we chilled in hammocks out on the residents’ rooftop area.


Opal 3 info:

Opal 3 (aka Opal Tower) is a 25 storey building which serves as secure student accommodation. It has a capacity of 542 students and is situated near to the Civic Quarter campus of Leeds Metropolitan University and the University Of Leeds.

Candle House info:

Candle House is a residential apartment building on Granary Wharf. It was named after the Candle and Tallow warehouses that were previously situated in the site. It is cylindrical in shape, and stands at 23 storeys tall.

This made for a good night’s fucking about, need to get back over to Leeds as I’m sure there’s plenty more to do..


Opal 3 - Picture from Wikipedia


Candle House - Picture from Wikipedia

Opal 3



Candle House






Candle House is a beaut - incredibly chilled out!

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