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Report - OPNI Psychiatric Hospital - Budapest (August 2013)

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Whilst away in Budapest myself and Host checked out this awesome Asylum/Psych Hospital, it's a huge site with a modern hospital in full use, however in the same extensive grounds remains a selection of fantastic looking grand buildings of the old hospital complex.

I had only ever seen a small selection of photo's from here including a cool looking chapel, and shots through a window of a morgue with 2 sweet looking slabs :)
We had no info to go off but after finding the location we went for a wander, first thing we found was 3 guards at the main gate, and a big ass german shepard feasting on human remains.....hmmm maybe it wasn't going to be as straightforward as we hoped.
Elsewhere we managed to find access onto the site and our way into one of the outer buildings, some nice corridors and old secure rooms with padding still remaining, but no morgue :mad.......... we left the site after spotting security doing their rounds as i think they go in the buildings, and neither of us fancied having our throat ripped out by the dog.

We returned later in the day only to see workers everywhere and sec patrolling with the dog as the seem to do regularly, so on our last day another early morning visit and this time managed to access one of the main blocks, only a quick visit after getting spooked by sec, again no morgue or chapel but still, it was a cracking place and definitely worthy of a return as we probably only saw 20% of it and i'd love to find the best bits.

"The original Psychiatric hospital was built in the 19th century and designed to care for 800 mentally ill patients.
Besides the massive, four story, four-winged main building, the hospital had a 75 acres forest and park, its own lavatory, pig farm, movie theatre, chapel, swimming pool and tennis court as well as living quarters for the doctors and other staff. In 1945 patients had to move out from the hospital as the invading soviet Red Army set up their HQ in the building. The soviets left the building in 1946 leaving behind 150 mentally ill soviet soldiers.
After the 2nd World War the building became the national center for treating mentally ill patients as well as an internationally recognized research center.
The institute was closed suddenly around 7 years ago........... The reasons of the closure remained unknown"













Cheers for looking :thumb
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