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Report - Optimus Prime, Manchester - December 2011


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Optimus Prime, Manchester - December 2011

Visited with fishbrain

"Mate, can you help me out here, i'm sliding away"

"What am I supposed to do about it?"


Well, it had been raining quite a bit, and so we decided to go down here. My torch battery died midway through the visit, so that was fun. The flows were pretty staggering as we tried to cross the river, and each time I lifted my foot I felt a huge surge of current forcing it downstream... all a bit of a laugh though... as usual, I let fishbrain make the mistakes first :p

There's a fair few interesting bits to be seen in what is actually a very short culverted stretch. Not that these pics will show any of it well, as I am still struggling with light-painting, and after my torch died, I was timing my exposures alongside fishy - so apologies but the pictures you see here are the only ones I got. This is also the reason why the picture of the cattle bridge above is smaller than all the others :eek: ...had to include it though!

Optimus Prime is a mostly Victorian-brick culverted stretch of the River Irk. Despite it's short length, the height and width are massive - it also has a mysterious (yet now famous) 'Cattle Bridge' running across it's considerable width. Various modern, smaller pipes and CSOs flow into it and fishbrain kept mentioning a morgue-chute :eek: but I couldn't tell you if I saw this or not, not knowing what a morgue-chute into a drain would look like.





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