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Report - Orchard farm, Wormley (Abandoned House / Stable yard ) (PICTURE HEAVY )


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28DL Full Member
Spotted this Abandoned House/stable yard a while back on my travels around the local area...

I knew the grounds were now overgrown and clearly Abandoned and my inner urban explorer devil kept sitting on my shoulder chewing my ear to go have a look round so found a spare 40 mins last night...

The site extends to approximately 9.6 Acres there is a main entrance into the yard off the Petworth Road, a further entrance to the dwelling off the road called
Cherryhurst there is also a further entrance into the fields off this road, a further vehicular access off Wormley Lane.

This old house called orchard farm believed to have been constructed in the 1950's of brick under a tiled roof has the accommodation arranged over ground and first floors
and had once a thriving 9 acre stables and sand school where girls and boys had lessons on riding etc,also a local taxi company had a number of dressage and eventing horses there but that's long gone now and mother nature has taken what's hers to start with.

Had a small look this yesterday afternoon for a good entry point and wormley lane is the best bet to just walk in with no fence line or neighbors to see you come and go...
I set off about 8pm parked at a safe road side location and walked up to the main gates in wormley lane and just to the left of that is the best way in...

As soon as you enter the site you get a feeling of what once was... The exciting feeling of the kids coming in to learn to ride and to busyness of the place...
Walking up to the house its clear someone else had been in there as the side lower kitchen door had been kicked in and the upstairs windows had been broken in a number of places from the inside out ...

I shouted out to make sure the place was most definitely empty and then set about taking some pics inside..
Inside the house was warm dark lower rooms with the blinds and curtains fully pulled over so out came my cree torch and had a good look round to first few rooms it was very clear that this house was once loved and very much cared for with wooden floors and very well set up kitchen and dining room.
The lower rooms had a few bags of old tat and very very old pc monitors in them and some very new looking beds and white new looking mattress... All very odd!!
I took a few more pictures and then set about walking upstairs on some quite unsafe steps for the first few going up not from rot just over use.
More beds and new looking mattress met my eyes as soon as I get to the top and I had a feeling that every room I looked into there was going to be a tramp sleeping but all was ok and the house my most definitely empty..
Some interesting painting of a James bond looking guy running away from a burning house Again very odd given it was in the same room as a safari painting lol.. Moving on..

Another bathroom and bedroom and a small room to the right with CD s chucked everywhere and two even stuck in the wall... Lots of dog bones and leads and odd dogs stuff that was far from new or usable
I took some more pics then moved back downstairs and outside to have a very quick look round the yard...

In its day I bet it was amazing to see all the hussle and bussle of the riders and kids going about their business
After walking down the out the back door that had been cut what looks like in half i made my way to the open yard where there was a massive shipping container and load of what looks like a table of chairs left to rot in the rain and wind, next to this was a large garage where lots of garage stuff had been left but nothing really of any use to anyone anymore ..
i made my way to the first barn and across the yard it opened up to another barn and stable block area and this was much bigger and clearly had been well used for horseboxes parking or hay/straw storage and the whole area was box after box after box of stables all with junk or nothing at all in them..

also found a small brick outbuilding On the Southern perimeter with a tiled roof believed to have been constructed and used for growing mushrooms.

Took and few more shorts and had a look round a shed that was on the side of the house that I completely missed as the bush around it was bigger than the shed itself lol...
Lots of old tools and fuel cans but nothing worth anything to anyone at all and spent soo much time look around myself i nearly fell over a tool box that had been chucked to one side out the shed lol
All in all great little find and very well hidden this time of year with the ferns and trees in full leaf...

ENTRANCE HALL 11'1” x 10'1” (stairs to first floor) FIRST FLOOR
DINING ROOM: 15'8” x 12'6” BEDROOM 3: 18'9” x 9'5”
UTILITY ROOM 8'8” x 8'3” (toilet off) BEDROOM 4: 11'2” x 9'7”
KITCHEN: 15'4” x 11'5” BEDROOM 5: 18'9” x 9'5”
BEDROOM 1: 11'6” x 10'5” BATHROOM: Fitted Bath, wash hand basin, toilet
BEDROOM 2: 9'3” x 8'4”
SITTING ROOM: 22'8” x 14'4”
BARN @: 23ft x 15ft block built
GARAGE @: 29ft x 12ft
POLE BARN @: 18ft x 34ft
POLE BARN @: 42ft x 41ft
POLE BARN @: 18ft x 20ft
BARN @: 17ft x 40ft
STABLE BLOCK (timber construction)
4 STABLES @: 10ft x11ft
OFFICE @: 10ft x11ft
STABLE BLOCK 2 (timber construction)
3 STABLES @ 11ft x 11ft
STABLE BLOCK 3 (block work construction)
1 STABLE @: 16ft x 7ft
4 STABLES @: 16ft x 7ft
BLOCK BUILT BUILDING @: 19ft x 13ft with toilet
BUILDING @: 50ft x 30ft
SAND SCHOOL@: 20m x 40m this has not been used for some time and now over grown .
SERVICES: Mains water, electric, private drainage system































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I bet that took you some time measuring all the rooms up. That’s what I call dedication.

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