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Report - Orchard House - Lincolnshire - Nov 2013


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Orchard house opened in 1939 as an admissions unit. In contrast to the custodial approach of the main Rauceby Hospital site, it was operated as a more "open" affair. The patients were voluntary and often referred from outpatients clinics, they wore their own clothes and were allowed to leave for the weekends. The wards were only locked in the evenings and the male and female patients were encouraged to mix freely.

The hospital was primarily concerned with the treatment of depression, neurosis, sexual problems, alcoholism and drug dependence.

The closure of many institutions across the UK meant that Orchard house became surplus to requirements. In 1987 the facility was handed over to the local health authority for clerical and community use.

I thought I'd finished with Rauceby hospital - here is my thread on the main hospital site. After seeing a few reports on a different part that I'd previously missed it was in the back of my mind so recently while in the area I called in to have a look. Pretty uninspiring to be honest but if you like corridors then its a winner, initiate full UE tilt and go crazy.

The Orchard House facility can be seen in the picture below at the north end of the site, labelled "C".









Thanks for looking.​