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Report - Ore Un-loader No. 2 & No. 3, Corus UK, Redcar Wharf - February & March 2010.


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Site: Ore Un-loader No. 2 & No. 3, Redcar Wharf, England

Status: Live

Information: Construction of Redcar Ore Terminal, near the mouth of the River Tees, was completed in 1969 and funded by British Steel Corporation. Opening in 1973, the terminal was equipped with two grab-type Ore Un-loaders (No. 1 & No. 2) capable of handling iron ore, coal and concentrates. Subsequently added in 1995, Ore Un-loader No.3 rendered Ore Un-loader No.1 surplus to requirements and it was dismantled in 2008 by Thompsons of Prudhoe. Today, Ore Un-loader No. 2 and No. 3 remain on their tracks. Three conveyors are located directly beneath each Un-loader (which are used to discharge iron ore and coal removed from ships berthed along the dockside).

Client: British Steel Corporation
Source: Thompsons of Prudhoe | Present: Forsaken & goan

Originally discovering access to this site by accident in 2008, it's been on my list for quite some time. After inviting my North East partner along, No.2 was successfully crossed off the list in February and its larger partner No.3 in March. The site is constantly busy with trucks, security vehicles and site workers in private vehicles. Each dock crane is lit up like a Christmas tree and activity on site doesn’t let up. Climbing to the top of each crane is a slow process with regular stops every few minutes whilst a vehicle passes by and then sprinting to the next platform hoping you've not been seen.

Ore Un-loader No. 2 - February 2010

01. Approaching the terminal:

02. Looking south towards Ore Un-loader No. 3:

03. Looking west, Seal Sands:

Ore Un-loader No. 3 - March 2010

04. Looking across to Ore Un-loader No. 2:

05. Bucket suspended mid-air:

06. Machine house, complete with its own gantry crane:

07. On the gantry crane:

08. View upon exiting the machine house:

09. Taking command of Ore Un-loader No.3:

10. Bucket beneath:

11. Climbing the ladders to the very top, goan enjoying the views:

12. Looking west on the northern bank of the mouth of the River Tees, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station:

13. Looking east, Corus:
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Nice Picture dave, feel free to put some pics up :D Do you know any more about these?
Goan and Forsaken your report is fantastic i once attempted to get near in the day time but as you say its just too busy. That pic was from a visit to Teessport arranged by a local society i'm a member of through the Seamans Mission based near there. We met one of the wharf foremen who knew everything about the unloaders and the operations a very knowledgable guy of course ive forgotten almost everything he told us typical. I do have some info on them somewhere plus a quite a lot of old pics of the construction and early years of operation i'll try and dig them out and scan them in, i have a few more of the unloaders the day of the visit though it pissed down at the time. here's a few more.




I wonder if the was the cab you sat in??


This was the ship being unloaded at the time with if i remember was coal but cant be certain. As i said it was raining heavy at the time so pics could have been better.


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