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Report - Oriental City. Colindale, London. May 2011


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Oriental City


The Oriental shopping centre was previously owned by the Yaohan Corporation collapsed, it was then sold to Malaysian owners.
The centre contained a large oriental supermarket, and a food court with a range of foods from around South-East Asia. The stalls offered Malaysian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese foods. There were also a number of oriental restaurants in the complex, with the majority of them located on the upper floor. The complex contained two Dim Sum restaurants, a Szechuan restaurant, and an 'all you can eat' restaurant. These were complimented by two further stalls, one being a durian stall and the other a satay stall.
The complex also contained a number of small shops and stalls. Over its history there was a high turnover of shops, the only original tenant being the Japanese tableware store, Utsuwa no Yataka. While also being well known for its Sega Dome the centre boasted all manner of different shops in its time, book stores, tailors, games import shop and jewelers to name a few.
Oriental community saw the centre as a focal point, often hosting weeks which promoted the cultural identity of different South East Asian countries. These events typically consisted of various performing arts, and the promotion of that country's particular cuisine.
The Centre also featured a small example of a traditional Japanese garden outside the centre, which is no woefully overgrown and beyond recognition.
In November 2006, the centre was bought out by a developer who planned to replace it with a B&Q, a housing development and a school. The developers stated that there would be provisions for the current tenants to continue in the new development; however, the current tenants objected to this mainly due to the short consultation and the likelihood that completion would take approximately 9 years.
In February 2007, the Chinese Consul-General wrote to London's mayor to express his "deep concern" about the project, calling for the proposal to be modified. This matter generated so much attention that it featured on an episode of Inside Out (London) broadcast on 23 March 2007 where Liu was featured. Finally, after a petition gathered several thousand signatures, in June 2007 it was announced that the campaign had been successful and the shopping centre would remain open until at least May 2008.The doors finally closed at 7pm 1 June 2008.

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