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Report - Origin Tower Crane - Princess St, Manchester. Aug 2010


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Hello all, Long time no reports ! I've been away for a little while due to camera death issues, as well as a general lack of time to get out and about as much as I'd like.

We paid the origin tower cranes a visit on a busy manchester friday night. With hundreds of people bustling to and from town and around the canal street clubs and bars very close by, we had a quiet climb into the origin site and found our way into the basement levels of the development to gain the base of the larger of the two cranes on site. After the usual pre-crane climb ritual of checking kit and a bit of self assurance, we where off up this 220ft (67.5 meter) beast. The crane had a strange variance of ladders which broke up our pace a touch, but we where soon through the hatch. Just in time to take some shelter in the cab from the wind and rain. Perfect timing !

Visited with TheFlu24




(We didn't leave our names on the dusty glass, free publicity isn't always good publicity ;) )



Thanks for looking guys. With any luck you will be seeing some more reportness out of me soon. Seem to be getting the wheels back on the urbex train ;)


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