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Other interest?


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All of this staying at home has given me plenty of opportunity to practice my other main "hobby" outside of exploring, playing the guitar. Probably done as much practice (in terms of hours) in the last two months as I'd have ordinarily done in a year haha. Aside from that I've finally gotten around to sorting out the jungle (garden) out back.


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This is all great stuff to see!

I like the 28DL site because, as it appears to me, it very rarely goes off on a tangent and is solely focussed on UE (that's our common interest I suppose!) Away from the site, we of course get to know others better, form trusted freinds, and learn about each other, but given the current situation, this thread offers a mini look into others interests away from this exploration lark which we might not find out otherwise.

I'm always impressed with other peoples imaginative and creative skills :Not Worthy


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It'll be a long journey, but a side-step in my career path is going on with a HNC being done. Maybe because it's a new 'toy' to play with, but I've found SolidWorks my new interest whilst having been cooped up.

Not a threat to DJI, but not bad for a virgin CAD jockey.




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My main hobby that seems to have taken me over at the moment is bottle digging, I collect only stuff from my local area (Stockport) if I collect everything I dig I wouldn't have room for anything else! I seemingly spend hours looking for old tips and scouting out places to dig. My kids think I'm mad but it's growing on my son. My other interests are photography and railways have always interested me too.





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^ Reminds me of Life on Mars that shot ^

@Baggy trousers Royal Oak Yard was accessible a few years back revealing the odd bottle here and there.


The crate has John Grundy Stockport Ltd marked onto it. I forget what the bottles are embossed with.

This booklet may be of interest to you. Unless you have it, you're welcome to a read of it, somehow throw it to you from a safe distance of course!

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